Aesthetic Dentstiry


Your smile is the most important thing for your impression on the people. Aesthetic dentistry aims to reorganize patients mouth and mouth’s dental structures. After the treatment, the patient will have artificial teeth which is compatible with her or his face with a natural-looking form.

People looking at you with an amateur eye can immediately realize naturalness and exaggerated forms of artificial teeth. It’s important that the operation has to be done by professional and experienced dentists.

First of all, they prepare and plan the treatment process. The planning process is as important as the surgery. It must be done in thoroughness. Face, smile, profile images have to be taken from every angle. The aesthetically problematic areas of the teeth and gums are photographed Our professionals consider  the whole face area  on the photographs and models taken from the patient.


  • Glow Design

  • Veneer (Laminated filling and porcelain)

  • Zirconium chron and bridges

  • Inley and onleys (Porcelain filled)

  • Gingivectomy (Dental Forming)

  • Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)


We apply all these services in our business partner PENDİŞ Private Oral and Dental Health Clinic. Pendiş is a successful oral and dental clinic in this sector. They have proven themselves with their experienced and professional staff with the treatments they have done so far. Our company which strives for the satisfaction of our patients at every stage, deliver you to the experienced hands of Pendiş in this direction.