Eyebrow is important for face integrity. And also it makes the esthetic look both for men and women. Eyebrows contributes to express our gestures. Eyebrow loss may occur because of burn, trauma, accidents and some skin diseases.

Eyebrow loss is not the only reason for eyebrow transplantation. People who have esthetic worries on his/her face may want to thicken or want to give shape. The patients’ demand for eyebrow line is based on operation.

Naturalness is at the forefront in eyebrow transplant operation. We transplant eyebrow as the patient’s demand in the border of anatomy.

The grafts are taken from the back of the neck called donor area. Operation time is shorter than a hair transplant operation. We can reach the result in 4 – 6 months.

There some things to pay attention to this operation. The growing angle of the eyebrow near the nose is 90 degrees but it is 45 degrees on the other side of the eyebrow. In the grooving process and also in the implant process these facts should be considered. Transplanted hair should be shortened every 2 – 3 weeks for strengthen them.



Beard and mustache are important for a man for physical appearance. Men express themselves better by them. The problems like scar, little rea of no beard or beardless at all can be solved by beard transplantation. It’s important to consider a beard just as they grow in nature. It would be a very attractive appearance after transplantation if they were no beard in the whole area.

This operation is done by extracting the follicles one by one FUE technique and the nature appearance will totally go on the same way. we suggest this operation after the twenties because the hormonal balance of a man is fit after these ages. No more worry about your appearance because of beardless if you like to use a dirty beard. Or the expressions like “I like beard on my face but I have a scar” will be history.

This operation is painless as a hair transplantation surgery. You will reach the aimed look after 8 weeks. You can’t realize the difference between your beard and the transplanted beard when even you look carefully.