Is hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?

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We are searching for the question that “Is the hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?” or not. Hair transplant in Istanbul is the cheapest of the world’s examples. Another question is “should I look for cheap hair transplant”.

When you decide on hair transplantation, you may be looking at the price first. But maybe price should be the last parameter you’re looking at. In cases where other components do not satisfy you, hair transplantation operation may be cheap, but ultimately it does not make you happy.

The first thing to decide is whether you need hair transplantation. Before making this decision, you can get free consultations at many hair transplantation centers. For preliminary information, simply share a picture of your hair with the doctor.

Secondly, you should listen to your doctor’s assessment of your hair picture. As a result of the initial evaluation, if your doctor gives your opinion on hair transplantation, the process begins.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a hair transplantation center in Istanbul?

When choosing a hair transplantation center, you should first evaluate your doctor. You have to make sure your doctor is an expert and experienced in hair transplantation. Previous references can guide you. Your doctor must follow the surgeries and innovative technologies performed.

Besides, the hair transplantation center where your doctor will perform hair transplantation operation should be full-fledged. Once you have decided with your doctor the method to follow, make sure that the hospital facilities are adequate.

There are tests to be performed in the days before hair transplantation surgery. After surgery, the expert staff will help you for the first wash at the hair transplantation center. They will tell you what to look out for during the healing process. Besides, the medicines you will use are supplied and given to you in a package. Do not choose a doctor and hospital without confirming what to do before and after surgery.

Price-affecting factors in hair transplant in İstanbul

You may see a lot of hair transplantation centers in the ads. You should do careful research on this on the internet. As with Halki Esthetics, it should be effective in choosing centers where you can get satisfactory answers to all your questions.

The high price you get from the hair transplantation center does not guarantee that the result will be successful. First, you need to learn the hair transplantation technique to be applied. This technique may vary depending on the patient’s needs. Nevertheless, be sure to learn the technique applied at the hair transplantation center and the expert doctor who apply it.

After determining the technique, you need to know the number of grafts to be planted. The structure of your hair, your baldness level is effective in determining the number of grafts. Be sure to choose a doctor and hair transplantation center that can reach the maximum number of grafts.

Determining hair transplantation technique

You should determine the hair transplantation technique after your interview with your doctor. You need to know the techniques and the differences between them. Your doctor will recommend the technique suitable for your hair type.

Today, hair transplantation in Istanbul is done by the FUE technique. The previously popular FUT technique is completely abandoned. The pathways followed in FUE surgeries also vary. Surgeries performed with sapphire tip are the reason of choice in some cases.

The DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique can also be a method you can choose after your doctor interviews. Today, its use is increasing as it reduces the waiting time of the hair extracted from the donor area.

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