Do hair transplants look natural?

Does our hair look natural after hair transplantation? The natural appearance of hair after hair transplantation depends on the fulfillment of many parameters. Hair transplantation, which developed over the years, was aesthetically unsuccessful in the first years. Looking after hair transplantation, it was easy to understand that the patient had undergone the operation. As a […]

Regrowth of hair after hair transplant

Regrowth of transplanted hair after a FUE Hair transplant. We would consider regrowth of hair after hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that aims to cover the thinning of a patient who has an androgenetic alopecia and who is not treatable in any other way. In most conditions, those of a good state […]

Do I need Hair transplantation?

Do I need Hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that aims to reinvigorate areas of the scalp that are affected by baldness or a more or less intense hair thinning process. How will you decide that you need hair transplantation? First of all, it is not a synthetic hair implant (own or a […]

Which country is best for a hair transplant?

Which country is best for a hair transplant? Should we go abroad for the best hair transplant? First, we need to examine the factors that cause us to ask this question. Why do we need to go to another country when hair transplantation can be performed in almost every country in the world? Countries like […]

Is hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?

We are searching for the question that “Is the hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?” or not. Hair transplant in Istanbul is the cheapest of the world’s examples. Another question is “should I look for cheap hair transplant”. When you decide on hair transplantation, you may be looking at the price first. But maybe price should […]

Women Hair Transplant

Women Hair Loss The most prominent factor that complements the beauty of women is their hair. Aesthetically, a woman uses her hair as the most important accessory. When she is depressed, the first accessory to be arranged is her hair. When they are very happy, women’s hair can be considered an indication of this. We […]

Shock Hair Loss

Does the transplanted hair fall out? In hair transplantation, the donor area is behind the head. The hair at the nape area is stronger from other areas of the head. And hair loss in this area is less. Therefore, the hair in the nape is known to be non-shedding. Hair loss due to the old […]


PRP Treatment Today, PRP is a supportive treatment that is used frequently in many branches of medicine. Effective results can also be achieved in hair transplantation. Of course, it is important to apply at the right time and by experienced doctors. PRP is a treatment made with the person’s own blood. Platelet-rich plasma is injected […]