Why do people choose a hair transplant in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the leading city in hair transplantation with almost 300.000 operations in a year from over 50 countries in the world. Turkey is the leader of the world in the sector of hair transplants. So we can easily say thar hair transplant in İstanbul is the most popular in Europe.

Because of the great experience of Turkish surgeons, technology, knowledge and low prices make Istanbul is the best option for a hair transplant operation. And also Turkey is the safest country in which you can have hair transplantation surgery.

Comparing to the other countries, you’ll find out that Turkey is the best option in hair transplants. You can’t get the same service and nursing assistance in any other country at the same price.

Considering the experience of expert doctors in Istanbul, you won’t get the same service even if you pay more in Europe or any other country.


Turkey has a good economic and social life and it has lower living costs compared with European countries. This provides customers with superior medical service.

We can easily say that Turkey is not the only leader in hair transplantation but also the leader in training the doctors to apply the FUE technique in hair transplant. In addition to these benefits, İstanbul has many advantages to visit.

İstanbul comes forward in the world as it has a cultural and gastronomic wealth. There are not many cities that have so specialties as İstanbul. You can have unforgettable moments in the city of the intersection of Asia and Europe in your 3 days trip.


When should I have a hair transplantation?

One of the main questions is’’ when to have a hair transplant in İstanbul’’ can be answered as to when one’s problem occurs aesthetically. There is no age limit for hair transplantation. The only condition is that the donor area of a person is sufficient for hair transplantation.

It can be applied to anyone who is experiencing male pattern hair loss. Hair transplantation is the only option that will provide a permanent solution after a large amount of hair loss due to some factors.

More hair in the donor area doesn’t always mean that you will have the most natural appearance. Proper hairs for transplantation can be distributed correctly to the open area and ideal appearance can be carried out by expert and experienced doctors during the procedure.

Another important situation is that equipment must be high-tech and must be used correctly. At this stage, the importance of the doctor emerges. If you get hair transplantation in Istanbul, you can get an ideal look with peace of mind without obsessing about this most important element.

After your hair transplant in İstanbul, you will have ‘’PRP treatment’’ and this treatment will accelerate the subcutaneous blood circulation and make the results more efficient.

Scheduling hair transplant in Istanbul with Halki Esthetics

You choose the date you want to go to İstanbul for hair transplantation and arrange the surgery schedule with the clinic experts. Halki Esthetics offer you many options for accommodation and other services. There are exclusive packages prepared for this process.

If you want to get a hair transplant in turkey with us, we will arrange all round-trip flight tickets, city transfers, 5-star hotel accommodation, even hospital choices and medicine packages that you will use after the surgery. You must choose the date that you are traveling to.


Hair transplant's operation stage

In the FUE technique, there will be a preparing stage at the beginning. The patient has to visit the doctor at the hospital for the last medical and blood tests. Also, hair transplant candidates can ask any questions that are in their minds or worries about the process. Our doctor and sanitarian team will assist the patient and the process doesn’t start before the patient’s satisfaction.

The preparation stage continues with preparing the operation room, dressing the patient suitable for the operation, sterilization of the operation area and local anesthesia stage at the surgery day.

The next stage is at the patient’s donor area. Expert doctors aim to extract maximum hair follicles. (Most of the time it’s up to 5000 grafts.)

After extracting the follicles, grooving the patient’s recipient area starts. It is an important process because the hair follicles have to be grooved nature way of the hair. It has to be done by an expert and experienced doctors.

After all these the follicles are transferred to the recipient area just as they grow in nature.

At the end of the surgery, nurses cover the wound of the operation area. And then PRP treatment is applied to the scalp. It stimulates the blood flow at the scalp and accelerates the hair growing process.

The patient has to come to the hospital the day after the operation because our sanitarian team members will apply the first wash and explain the process that should be done afterward. The patient will have a home guide and a medicine kit at the end of the operation.

Which clinic is the right one?

Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities in the world and center city of the hair transplant in the world. You will see different and lower-priced options for hair transplant in İstanbul. Hair transplantation is a very serious and medical operation.

First of all, you have to think about your health. Therefore, the hospital environment should be operated by specialist doctors with hygiene. Hair transplantation surgery should be a sterile environment such as the hospital operating room.

You may encounter many small or big institutions that cannot provide the hospital environment and even the simplest hygiene rules.

Since this is the health of the patient in question, these issues should be clarified in particular. Otherwise, you may face so many different problems such as dangerous infections.

Questions in your mind before the surgery

Before hair transplant in İstanbul, the patients may have different concerns about surgery.

Majority of people concern about:

  • How long will hair transplantation take?
  • Will I have pains or headaches after the surgery?
  • How can I protect myself against impacts?
  • What kind of medications will I take after my hair transplant surgery?
  • Will I have any problems after 10 years or more?
  • Is my doctor capable of performing my hair transplant surgery?

We strongly advise people to ask these questions themselves before their hair transplant in İstanbul. Identifying the hair transplant center in Istanbul will be the first step in resolving the uncertainties in your mind.

One of the most important things is to determine which hair transplantation technique is the most suitable for you. In addition to the standard FUE technique, Halki Esthetics doctors evaluate your scalp and can offer you the following techniques:


Some hair transplantation centers in Istanbul apply all of these techniques successfully at the level of expertise.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant)

The DHI technique shortens the waiting time of grafts which removed to be planted in the hairless area, does not require stitches, marks, and incisions.

Hair follicles are waited outside for less time to make them healthier and stronger. Although the operation lasts longer than the standard FUE technique, the healing process is faster.

No holes are drilled in the area where the hair will be planted and hair roots are transplanted to the scalp without pain with the help of special tips. The most important advantage of the DHI technique is to give you a more natural appearance and more hair in the bald area.

Sapphire FUE or FUE Gold hair transplantation technique is applied, when hair transplantation is desired to be done on more sensitive skin or where a natural appearance is more prominent in sensitive areas.

The adaptation of the material used to the human body during the process helps to maintain the quality of the graft without harming the skin form. In some methods, hair follicle grafts may not be attached due to damage or microorganisms in the channels.

Hair transplantation with a micro motor is performed in a circular incision when removing hair follicles from the donor area. This can be done manually or by using a micro motor. Using a micro motor shortens hair transplantation time.

It is performed without scars and without swelling. The speed of the micromotor must be adjusted correctly, otherwise, heat may damage the tissues. For such reasons, it is important that it has to be applied by expert hands.

unshaved hair transplant

Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Unshaved hair transplantation technique allows the patient to return quickly and easily to Daily life. Continuing Daily life with a shaved head can make some patients uncomfortable.

The main aim of this technique is to make the patient feel comfortable in the hair transplantation recovery process as well as after hair transplantation. This method is especially preferred by women.

After a general evaluation of your doctor, the appearance should be designed after hair transplantation. In addition to the features of your hair, your wishes will guide this design.

  • You should get answers to all your questions in your mind from your doctor.
  • You had better check that the materials used in hair transplantation are the latest technology.
  • Be sure that the hair transplant team is an expert in this field and follows the best methods.

Social media and hair transplantation center promotions can give you an idea, but it is not enough alone. You should talk to your doctor yourself and feel convinced about everything hair transplants in İstanbul.

Determination of the front hairline

The design of the front hairline takes an aesthetic role in hair transplantation. If it is performed wrong, it can have irreparable consequences. It is a very difficult process to return because it is an indicator of the success and naturalness of hair transplantation.

This is the most important part of the hair transplant surgery. Hair frontline design is mandatory according to the shape of the face. There are some important factors when designing the front hairline of the patient.

There are some important factors before hair transplant

before hair transplant

Since each person’s anatomy is different, the design of the front hairline can also be different. Therefore, the standard design of the front hairline varies according to the patient’s head structure.

There are some factors for better design of the front hairline

  • Patient’s age
  • Face structure
  • Head shape
  • Sex of patient
  • Size of the non-hair area
  • Number of grafts taken from the donor area

Before hair transplant in Istanbul, your operation must be approved by our doctors. Because some people are not appropriate for hair transplants. Hair transplantation will not be suitable for severe patients and conditions.

These are mostly:

  • Chronic heart patients
  • Kidney patients
  • People who have infectious diseases
  • People who don’t have enough donor area

There are some rules to follow before a hair transplant in İstanbul and then your doctor’s recommendations will be. You will receive advice such as the regulation of preoperative rules.

You should not drink alcoholic beverages before your surgery because our doctors will apply local anesthesia.

Depending on the type of hair transplantation technique, you may feel pain and headaches. Our doctors will prevent your pains with painkillers. In addition to pains, there may also be burning of the scalp.

Processes after your hair transplant in İstanbul

In rare cases, you may have swelling, inflammation and bruising. All of these conditions aren’t permanent. Our doctors will share with you what you need to do in such cases. You should not make sports or heavy exercises for a month after your hair transplant in Istanbul.

The next day of surgery, you go to the hospital for the first wash. All possible things will be explained to you by your doctor.

Your doctor will give you a medical package after your surgery and your doctor’s explanations make your recovery faster and easier. You will quickly have an aesthetic appearance.

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