Our teeth don’t only chew but also affects our physical appearance. We can apply implant treatment for patients in cases of one tooth missing and multiple teeth missing, even complete toothlessness. The material used in this treatment has been tested for histocompatibility and has been proven nearly %100 tissue friendly. There are a lot of rumors that implant causes cancer or tissue rejection. After all these tests we can say that they are just rumors and you should disesteem them.



What are advantages of implant application?

Implant is one of the most reliable and comfortable applications. The real teeth are replaced with prosthetics and their natural structures are protected. One of the most important advantages is we don’t touch healthy teeth near implants. In old methods, the healthy teeth may be cut to make a denture to defected one.  Besides implants have more life compare to the other prosthetics.


In some cases patients may lose theirs chance for a fixed prosthetics. Such patients should first think of implant treatment.