Do hair transplants look natural?

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Does our hair look natural after hair transplantation?

The natural appearance of hair after hair transplantation depends on the fulfillment of many parameters. Hair transplantation, which developed over the years, was aesthetically unsuccessful in the first years. Looking after hair transplantation, it was easy to understand that the patient had undergone the operation.

natural appearance

As a result of developing techniques and experience, success has increased considerably. Today, it is a natural result for the patient who has hair transplantation to capture natural and aesthetic appearance. However, there are considerations to achieve the successful result.

Hospital Choice

Firstly, it should be noted that hair transplantation is aesthetic surgery. Surgery is a factor that directly affects the outcome of the hospital you will have. The hospital must be equipped to handle serious operations and must be fully equipped. That is to say, hair transplantation in clinics that are not sufficient will present you as a problem in the future.

It’s the possibilities of the hospital that you should focus on when choosing a hospital. Its whereabouts is secondary. You don’t have to have hair transplantation in the country where you live. Moreover, it may even be irrational. Choosing a city like Istanbul that has become the center of hair transplantation in the world would often be the right decision.

Doctor’s Choice

It is preferable for an expert and experienced doctor to perform a surgical surgery. You should know your doctor’s testimonials. Above all, the intense ad you encounter leads you to the wrong choice. You have to be careful.

Firstly, ask your doctor all your concerns about hair transplantation. You should be satisfied with the answers you receive. In the end, there should be absolutely no doubt in your mind. From preliminary research to the end if possible;

  • Meet your doctor face-to-face.
  • Get to know the team that’s going to go into surgery.
  • Ask him/her to describe all the stages of the operation.
  • Agree on the technique to be used.
  • Share your chronic illnesses with your doctor if you have one

Natural Appearance After The Hair Transplantation

One of the most important factors affecting your daily life is your hair. The operation you’re applying to correct your appearance can make you look even worse. Unless the natural appearance is achieved, it is not true to say that hair transplantation has been successful.

With the FUE technique applied today, you can reach the natural look in your hair transplantation more easily. It is the responsibility of your doctor to do hair transplantation by paying attention to the natural hair outlet angle. To clarify, the reason why we focus on choosing the right hospital and doctor is to achieve success in aesthetic and natural appearance.

If you don’t make the choice of doctor and hospital right, you may need a second operation. Maybe you can stay in an irreversible aesthetic look. But careful and correct choices bring with it the natural appearance. As a result, aesthetically natural appearance becomes a part of your happiness for the rest of your life.

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