Shock Hair Loss

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Does the transplanted hair fall out?

In hair transplantation, the donor area is behind the head. The hair at the nape area is stronger from other areas of the head. And hair loss in this area is less. Therefore, the hair in the nape is known to be non-shedding.

Hair loss due to the old age is less in the nape area. We can’t say that the hair transplanted from the nape area doesn’t fall out. But we can easily say that hair loss in that area is much less possible. Strong hair doesn’t mean it will not fall out. But all hair loss doesn’t cause baldness.

Our follicles in the nape region are hair follicles that are not affected by the male hormone. They can’t be shed by this hormone. The important issue is that the doctors who do the hair transplantation identify the donor area well and eliminate the hair follicles at risk of shedding.

Does every hair loss cause baldness?

The regeneration process begins after the hair falls out. This is a natural and healthy process. People go through this process many times in their life. Hair loss that leads to baldness should be distinguished from normal hair loss.

Shock Loss

Shedding after a hair transplant is a normal process and most of the patient’s face this process after hair transplantation operation. This is called shock loss. Approximately 80% of transplanted hair is shed in a month time. In shock loss, the hair follicles don’t shed suddenly overnight. It takes approximately 1-2 months to complete. In this process, the hair follicles prepare themselves to regenerate. They grow with better quality.

The shock loss can scare you but this is a completely natural process. It takes approximately 12 months for new hair to grow and fit in shape. First new hair grows after 2-3 months later. You can easily see the new hair after the fourth month of the hair transplant. After 6 months half of the hair that fell out after the operation grow. At the end of the one year, the hair will have gained volume and will be visibly full.

What should we pay attention to during the shock hair loss period?

Firstly the transplanted area should not be exposed to impact after the hair transplant. Secondly, we should eat healthy food. Thirdly, we should use the suggested shampoo. Moreover, PRP can be applied to reinforce newly transferred hair. PRP treatment doesn’t prevent shock hair loss. But the new hair will be strengthened and healthy.

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