Which country is best for a hair transplant?

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Which country is best for a hair transplant?

Should we go abroad for the best hair transplant? First, we need to examine the factors that cause us to ask this question. Why do we need to go to another country when hair transplantation can be performed in almost every country in the world?

Countries like Turkey, which have made significant sourcing in hair transplantation, maybe the reason for choice. In this case, we should examine why Turkey and Istanbul come to the fore. When choosing a hair transplantation center, we need to prioritize.

istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

First of all, it should be noted that hair transplantation is a surgical operation. You can’t make a random decision for plastic operation. We have to be very careful with the choice of hospitals and doctors. The hospital must be able to respond to your requests in any situation. You need to make sure the hospital is fully equipped. Besides, it must be following the latest technology in the field of hair transplantation.

Doctor’s Choice

After making sure that the hospital is full-fledged and equipped with all the technological equipment, the choice of doctor comes in second place. One of the reasons that Istanbul is the focal point of hair transplantation is that it hosts expert and experienced doctors.

You should look at your doctor’s testimonials. One of the things to note is that your doctor is experienced in hair transplantation techniques used today. The experience of the doctor who performs hair transplantation with abandoned methods today can mislead you.

FUE hair transplant

The best surgeons who perform hair transplantation have ABHRS and ISHRS certificates. Almost all surgeons in Turkey are certified as well as doctors in the USA, Canada, and Europe with these certificates. The situation, which is at the same level in this respect, makes Istanbul the reason for preference, given the other advantages of Turkey and Istanbul.

Hair Transplantation Centers in Turkey

Of course, when you make your choice of hospital and doctor, you’ll think about the money you’ll pay. At this point, choosing the cheapest combination of full-fledged hospitals and experienced doctors may not always be the right choice.

The cost you pay for hair transplantation technique varies in proportion to the condition of your hair, the quality of the doctor and the hospital. You may be communicating with the hair transplantation center, which has come to the fore thanks to the advertisements but do not have enough experience and equipment.

hair transplant center

When a quality surgical operation is performed by an experienced doctor, you can estimate the price. The number of grafts to be planted will also give you an idea. When you get a much lower price than you should, you should think again before you rejoice. As a result, it would be pointless to embark on an adventure that ends with a failed and unnatural hair appearance.

When you do hair transplant in Istanbul, you will be one step ahead of hospitals, doctors, prices and other services. Nevertheless, it is useful to pass hair transplantation centers through a serious strainer before making a decision that will affect your whole life.

Hair Transplant Packages

Also, you may consider the hair transplant packages. Besides the hair transplantation operation, you can enjoy your enjoyment by buying packages including plane tickets, transfers in your destination city, hotel, hospital, postoperative and preoperative procedures, medicine packages. You can also travel with your family and create a short holiday.

In this respect, İstanbul comes to the fore. You can reduce the stress of hair transplantation operation with your visits from a tourist point of view. Compared to Europe and the USA, you’ll have done this with the small addition to the budget you have set aside for hair transplantation.

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