Women Hair Transplant

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Women Hair Loss

The most prominent factor that complements the beauty of women is their hair. Aesthetically, a woman uses her hair as the most important accessory. When she is depressed, the first accessory to be arranged is her hair. When they are very happy, women’s hair can be considered an indication of this. We can easily say that women hair transplant is not the first option for women hair loss.

Both socially and psychologically, women’s hair can be considered as an indicator of these conditions. The loss of hair, also affects our women deeply.

Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Women are very lucky compared to men when it comes to hair loss. Usually, there are treatments in women’s hair loss without surgery. Permanent male pattern hair loss may occur in women, although not very often.


When your hair falls out more than usual, you should follow up on this process. Record your frequency of bathing and observe the amount of hair shed. Clean the comb after each comb and observe the amount of hair that is lost again.

Have you experienced any significant changes in your life?

You should review what you experienced when your hair started to fall out more. You may be in a period of increased stress levels. You may not have been through a period like pregnancy or menopause, and you haven’t quite gotten over it. There may be a lack of nutrition. You may be consuming unhealthy foods.

If none of these causes have occurred, you should take hormone tests, blood tests and hair analysis to find the cause of hair loss. As a result, your doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment method.

Hormonal Irregularities

In hormonal imbalances, pregnancy is the first. The functioning of women’s bodies during pregnancy varies every day. The body enters change and development. Hair loss in women during this period is normal. In addition, birth control pills should be considered to cause intense hair loss.

The period of the second hormonal irregularity is menopausal. The fact that women are under doctor’s supervision makes it much easier for them to get through this period. However, it is normal to experience intense hair loss.

Hair loss occurs in cases where the thyroid gland works less or does not work at all. Treatment of diseases such as goiter or medications used under the supervision of a doctor should be taken to reduce the side effect.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS) syndrome triggers hair loss. While it causes hair in certain parts of the body, a male pattern is the cause of hair loss. You can solve the problem by treating the disease.

Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women and Solution

If resolve the problems that we mentioned above, we can say that your hair loss may be permanent and male pattern hair loss. Experienced doctors at a hair transplantation center such as Halki Esthetics should examine your hair. Hair transplantation is the best solution for this type of hair loss.

women hair transplant

Aesthetic concerns are much more important in women hair transplantation. Hair transplant in Istanbul emerges as the ideal solution for women. In addition to the innovative approach, the experience of the doctor who will perform the hair transplantation operation is of utmost importance for the success of the result.

You should address all your concerns before women hair transplant operation. The hair transplantation center should be full-fledged. Your full preoperative advice will affect the success of the results. Be sure to share your aesthetic tastes with your doctor.

Finally, you should learn from your expert doctor what needs to be done in order to make the postoperative recovery process quick and healthy and apply it thoroughly. You will take this process as a whole and, when you follow all the stages, you will become more elegant than your old look.

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